Monday, March 20, 2006


I did something completely out of character yesterday. I rested. I put the kids down for a nap after church, laid down with Baby and watched a movie on my bed while she snoozed next to me. Hubby was surprised. He walked into the bedroom and asked, "Are you tired?" "Not really," I said with a smile. "I'm just relaxing." "Good!" he answered, pleasantly taken aback.

What is it with me? I get so frustrated with Brother, who rises before the sun on most mornings, and usually needs more sleep than he gets. I can look at his face and see he is tired, but he doesn't take naps well. He will lay in bed for two hours and not fall asleep. But, truth be told, I am the same way. I can't sit still. Even when I watch TV, I feel the need to do something with my hands. Usually shove a brownie or chocolate chip cookie in my face. I can't actually take a nap and sleep unless I am deathly ill or haven't had any sleep the night before. I feel like I should always be doing something. Anytime I get the kids down and have time to myself, I certainly don't want to waste my time resting. Now I can do what I want!!

Perhaps it is the selfish side of me, or maybe "greedy" would be more fitting. I want to have everything I want and will fit it in no matter what the cost. Or maybe I have ADD. So, as weird as it sounds, I'm practicing my down time. I've adopted tea drinking...spiced chai with honey and milk. And I'm picking up some books I haven't had time to read. I'm learning to be still.


heartsjoy said...

That's awesome! Good job taking rest time and being still. It is hard to do!

janiners said...

sounds like a great idea, girl! books are not only great relaxation for me, but they get my mind working and thinking in sometimes different directions. chai sounds good, too. :-)