Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Twins Separated At Birth

Look closely. The monkey in the top picture is Curious George. You may know him from the beloved children's books and more recently the Curious George movie and the hit TV show on PBS. He is known for getting into trouble and looking adorable.

The eerily similar monkey in the above photo is my very own Baby. I am considering have her name legally changed to George. She loves climbing, bananas and is also known for getting into trouble and looking adorable.

Allow me to expound.

Today I put Baby down for a nap on my bed, which usually works out best if I am putting Sister down for a nap as they do share a room and mayhem and merriment ensue if I allow them to "nap" in the same room. I believe the term is "divide and conquer". So Sister in her room, Brother in his room and Baby in my room.

I had returned to the kitchen ready to relax and enjoy my newly-created kid-free zone when Brother comes in and tells me that Baby had a dirty diaper and had taken it off in my room.

Now, when I say "dirty", I am trying to be polite. A dirty diaper is not merely wet, but...well...how shall we say?...gloppy.

Did I mention my room is very light-colored?

I hurry to the bedroom to find Baby - aka "George" - standing diaperless on the light beige carpet with the aforementioned gloppy diaper lying on said carpet precariously close to the the white bedding and an open box of baby wipes attempting to change her own diaper.

I scanned the room quickly as I know monkeys are known for doing creative things with their...ahem...gloppiness. Fortunately my monkey is slightly tame and the mess was contained to the diaper and her person. A quick bath and wardrobe change later and Baby was napping comfortably in a glop-free diaper.

Where is the man in the yellow hat when you need him?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

For any of you students out there, or any that might be contemplating returning to school, I'll let you in on a new trick I've learned. If you ever want out of taking your finals, all you have to do is arrange for an ice storm to blow through the week of finals and devestate the local trees and power lines, thus throwing your city into a virtual blackout for a solid seven days. Your school of choice will be forced to close due to lack of electricity and light - a handy thing when taking a test - and may consider cancelling your finals.

Hey, it worked for me.

Although you may want to take certain things into consideration. Say, for instance, you have a neighbor with a boat. In this case, the whole ice storm/tree devestation thing could be a bad idea.