Sunday, December 16, 2007

For any of you students out there, or any that might be contemplating returning to school, I'll let you in on a new trick I've learned. If you ever want out of taking your finals, all you have to do is arrange for an ice storm to blow through the week of finals and devestate the local trees and power lines, thus throwing your city into a virtual blackout for a solid seven days. Your school of choice will be forced to close due to lack of electricity and light - a handy thing when taking a test - and may consider cancelling your finals.

Hey, it worked for me.

Although you may want to take certain things into consideration. Say, for instance, you have a neighbor with a boat. In this case, the whole ice storm/tree devestation thing could be a bad idea.


flying freely said...

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Thanks, look forward to hearing from you. -Mandi

C D said...

wow.... brrrrr.... glad you're back!!

Rebecca said...

You must live in the same ice storm belt that I do! Wasn't that fun?