Monday, March 20, 2006


Ever wanted to rip someone's arm off and beat their head with it?

I have been making changes in my diet (not counting the chocolate chunk brownies with ice cream I had over the weekend) and seeing some slight results along the waistline. But I know I could really see some changes if I could work in some exercise. I've been halfway looking for a treadmill or stationery bike, even though my husband keeps saying we don't have room for it. He's right. We don't. But we'd have more room if my butt were smaller. See the logic? A friend mentioned she was getting rid of her treadmill and I quickly put in my order for it. Told her I'd make arrangements to get it from her.

Hubby was leaving for work not 15 minutes ago and asked me to fix him a Diet Coke to take to work with him. I oblige and am putting the lid on the cup and taking it to him at the front door when I mention I'd like to get the treadmill in the next couple of days. That's when he informs me he told her husband we didn't want it when he had lunch with him last week. Which means they probably have already gotten rid of it. I stopped in the doorway of the kitchen. I kid you not. I seriously contemplated throwing the entire 32 oz. cup of Diet Coke across the room, dead center between his baby blues. Didn't even think about the fact that the kids and I had cleaned the living room floors this morning. Didn't stop to consider how it would make him late for work because he would have to change. Didn't even care if it would hurt him. I wanted to hurt him. Bad. He should thank his lucky stars he got out the door with that cup in his hand and not on his head. The grace of God was all that saved him. I shoved it at him and stomped off, ready to sling a thousand burning expletives at him. My good Baptist upbringing kept me from it. "Sorry!" he said, in a tone that didn't sound at all sorry, but actually kind of glad he got his way on the whole issue. I'm so angry I could cry. I'm most upset that he made the decision for me!! He didn't discuss it with me. He didn't try to find a compromise. He snuck around behind my back to get his way. Bad form, Hubby. Bad form.

Maybe I can go down to Sear's and buy a brand new one with tax refund money. Maybe I'll go find something he really loves and back over it with the car. Maybe I'll make brown beans and goulash for dinner every day this week. Maybe I'll "forget" to do his laundry. Better yet, maybe I'll put a red sock in with his undies and turn them all PINK!!!!!

Look out, my sweet. You have to sleep sometime. BWAAAHHAAAA!!!! (that's my crazy, maniacal laugh)


jesprincess said...

At least he didn't join the army.

Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

Ouch. I would have been mad too. Sounds like you two need a baby-sitter and a trip to Braums. After you both eat your banana splits and talk things over, I'm sure he'll come around. :)

jessica said...

I found your blog the other day and have enjoyed your honesty! Husbands can be the most frustrating people ever! I am often left wondering what I was thinking when I took that walk down the aisle! Maybe he will redeem himself with a membership to a gym...that wouldn't take up any room in the house! :) You might look at the Gazelle instead of a treadmill...we bought one last year and it was lots of fun (and good exercise, too)!

heartsjoy said...

I have definitely felt that frustrated before and it is a feeling that is far beyond the moment. It is the principal of the thing. I'm sure he had a clearer picture of how you felt when he left. However, it might not hurt to take that trip to Braums for a little friendly chat. :)

ste-pha-nie said...

When he gets home from work today, meet him at the door with a kiss and then say, "See ya', I'm off for a 30 minute power walk on a real road."

LiteratureLover said...

Oh girl, I feel your frustration. And truly, I told hubby that I needed to re-check with you because I didn't think you guys had talked. Unfortunately, the charity took it off my porch even though it wasn't marked! I'm so sorry. :(