Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Last Time

Brother wanted me to pick him up and put him in the grocery cart at the store. He is not quite 7 and weighs around 60 pounds. I couldn't do it. He was sad...and so was I. When did this happen? When did my chubby little guy become such a tall and dashing young man? When was the last time I held him? Was he three? Was he four? If I had know it would have been the last time, I would have savoured it. I would have earmarked the page in my mental scrapbook so I could go back to it whenever I wanted. I would have snuggled him close and whispered in his ear much I adore him and how much better life has been since he came. I would have put on some music and danced around the room with him. I would have put him on my back and given him a piggyback ride through the back yard. I would have marked it on my calendar. I would have taken a picture. If I had known I would never be able to hold him again, I would have squeezed him tight and made it last so I could remember it today.


h b said...

wwaaaahhhhhhh!! so this justifies taking THOUSANDS of pictures, right? *sniffles*

Dawn said...

Tears are flowing here - my firstborn is almost four and I know that day will be coming sooner rather than later. I still lift him out of bed in the morning and after nap, but he's getting too big to carry for long. And the last few times I've been shopping by myself with no hubby to do the heavy lifting ;) it's been a challenge to get him into the cart. Thanks for the reminder to cherish each of those moments.