Monday, January 30, 2006

White Cotton Nightgown

My little Baby...I spend every day squeezing, hugging, nibbling and kissing her adorable little person. With each passing second, she gets more and more irrisistable. She does these things that force me scoop her up and squish her. I just can't help myself! It should be against the law to be that cute.

Tonight I gave all the kids baths before bedtime. Her and Sister were first, and I put them in together to save time. Afterwards I dried her off and gave her a mini massage with baby oil, which gave me the opportunity for some prime squishing. She loves having her feet rubbed. And they are such beautiful feet...long and narrow with long, elegant toes. Like a ballerina. Then I dressed her in one of Sister's hand-me-down night gowns. I found this gown at a garage sale when Sister was a baby. It is white cotton, sprinkled with tiny pink and blue flowers and a dainty ruffle along the bottom and around the neck. It must be twenty years old. The lady I got it from was finally selling her daughter's baby clothes, who had grown into a teenager. She explained to me how sweet her baby looked in it and that she took special care of it, only washing it in Dreft. She tearfully asked me to take good care of it and enjoy it as much as she did. And I have. Tonight was Baby's first time to wear it. Her pink face shone like an angel with that fresh look children have after their bath. Her dark hair tried to make soft little curls as it only does when it's damp. Her eyes sparkled and crinkled with laughter and mischief. Oh, she takes my breath away. Someday I will have to part with the nightgown, just as the mother before me did, and I will smile at this memory, and maybe even cry. But I will wash it in Dreft, fold it gently, and put it away in a special place. And hopefully I will see my granddaughters wear it with the same sparkle.


heartsjoy said...

Mmmmmm, I can just smell that baby freshness! I can only imagine the cuteness in that fresh white gown. How precious!!

LiteratureLover said...

Oh sure, make me cry! Man, I'm glad she's coming over today. I'm ready for some squishing!!

janiners said...

that is really sweet. you guys crack me up with the whole squishing talk. :-) i guess i'll understand the squishiness better when i have babies of my own. :-)

as for cotton nightgowns, ok this isn't a baby story, but reading this reminded me of one of my childhood memories. whenever I went to visit my great-grandmother in Maine, she would always pass on her beautiful nightgowns to me. i always loved them because they were so very girlie and so long and flowing. and they smelled like my grammy which i loved back then. :-) it was very special to me that my grammy would give me one of her beautiful nightgowns.