Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We went grocery shopping today. As we're pulling into the parking lot of the store, Sister makes an observation.
Sister: "Mommy, our car isn't nice and shiny like those cars. Our car is dirty. Ewwww."
Me (chuckling): "You're right. We need to wash ours, huh?"
Sister: "I'd like a sparkly, red car!"
Brother: "How about a sparkly, red vulva?"
Me (in my head): "WHAT DID YOU SAY????!!!!!!" (out loud to brother, in a calm and cool fashion) "What was that, dear?"
Brother: "A vulva, like her Barbie vulva."
Me (sighing): "Oh, you mean a Volvo."


LiteratureLover said...

Laughing. I "hearing" your thoughts versus what you actually said. Way to stay calm, Mom.

SuperMom said... son lol!

SuperMom said...

like his old man? lol

janiners said...

that's just hilarious! i love your kids - they say the most interesting things! they definitely get it from somewhere. i wonder.....hmmmmmmm??? :-)

heartsjoy said...

Laughing, that is to funny. Sister wanting that sparkly red car. I remember when I needed a car I prayed really hard for a red sparkly car and ended up with a little brown toyota. :) It still was fun to me! Being brown and little it got labeled a not so nice name, by friends. (think poopy diaper starting with the letter T). I guess that's what our cars sometimes smell like now. Laughing.