Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Funny, If Not Slightly Disturbing Things Sister Said Today

1. After Baby took apart one of Sister's puzzles: "Cookie (our cat), scratch my baby sister."
2. While we were playing tea party: "Mommy, would you like some frogs and blood tea?"
3. Talking about her friend's birthday party, which comes before her own: "Jesus says we should have my birthday party first, because it is nice to let others go first."
4. "I'm a murder-maid." I believe she meant to say mermaid...at least I hope that's what she meant.


LiteratureLover said...

That little girl is TOO cute!! I can picture her saying all those things in her sweet, ever-pleasant little voice.

LiteratureLover said...

I think the timer on this thing is messed up. I posted that last statement at 7:24p.m. but the time shows 11:22p.m. Weird.

h b said...

i think i am leaning a little more toward the disturbing end of this! frogs and blood tea? what ARE you making that poor child eat?! just kidding!

janiners said...

wow! yeah, sign me up for all those disturbing phrases that are sure to come out of my little girl's head! :-) i can't even begin to imagine! it still sounds like so much fun having kids around. :-)