Friday, February 03, 2006

All Is Well

I'm having writer's block. I know many of you come to my blog looking for something to make you laugh at my life and feel better about your own. No, really, it's okay. I enjoy being able to see the humor in things that otherwise drive me crazy, and if it helps someone out, even better. However, God is truly answering my prayers for patience and wisdom...well, I have the patience part, anyway. The jury is still out on wisdom. Unfortunately, it doesn't make for a funny blog. Really, the kids and I have been having some unbelievable days lately. And the times I feel like I'm about to go postal have been few and short-lived. Sorry...all is peachy keen here at the crazy housewife camp. I truly enjoy being a domestic goddess. However, I am continually swimming in laundry, so I am going to post my original poem, Ode to Laundry. You may have read it before, but I refuse to put another serious post on this blog. People will start talking.

Laundry, O Laundry, Most Monotonous of Chores!
You lie strewn about blocking entries and doors.
Just when I think we are over and done
You creep right back in ruining all of my fun.

Laundry, O Laundry, will you ever be silent?
Your night and day beckoning is making me violent!
Among endless mountains of undies and dresses,
Your sad, soapy song demeans and depresses.

I have tried to escape you and leave you behind
But your vengeance is one that is more than unkind.
Ignoring you unleashes your anger tenfold!
(I mean that literally...ten times more to fold)

And to make matters worse, you then make me hated
when my entire family has to spend the day naked.
Alas, I cannot turn my back on your call.
I must always answer...always heed your footfall.

I am trapped under Carter's and Osh Kosh B'Gosh,
And I now bear the marks of bleach and Spray and Wash.
You have beaten me down. You have made me your slave.
We are diabolically joined till I go to my grave.

So Laundry, Vile Laundry, my days aren't my own.
I'll keep washing the clothes...reap the seeds I have sown.
But one day, perhaps I'll mark you off the to-do list,
When I have the last laugh and go live with the Nudists!!


h b said...

ok genius - other than that being amazingly creative, witty writing, it is a timeless truth. supermom, master of literature. more, more!

heartsjoy said...

Hey girl,
I had written comments on yours and my sister's site the other day and they neither one are on there...weird. Anyway, I was just saying that I love your serious blogs as well as your funny ones. I would rather you enjoy peace in your home anyday over a laugh for me. You are a great Mom who loves her kids and continues to strive for excellence. You Go Firl or Girl! ;)