Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Needs Good Home

One very energetic, six-year-old boy. Scruffy in appearance, missing two front teeth, usually has holes in knees. Housebroken, though needs some work on aim. Could benefit from obedience training. Eats only peanut butter and root beer. Serious inquiries only.

Okay, okay. Of course, I wouldn't take anything for my one and only boy. Although if you had asked me earlier today, I might have given it some thought. He is so whiny and downright crotchety!!! It's driving me up the wall. If he complains this much at six, what is it going to be like when he's sixteen?


h b said...

Do you think Sister would be OK if Brother came to the zoo sometime with me and mine? I've been itching to get my hands on that boy of yours. He is my little crystal ball - forecasting my future in boy-dom.

Kyle said...

I think we offered to take him - at least for a night or weekend... Offer still stands.