Tuesday, February 28, 2006

One Of My Many Endearing Qualities

This hangs on my kitchen wall. Lovely, isn't it? This is where things go when I don't know where to put them. I think it best sums up my personality...cluttered. I tried to cram something else in there the other day and couldn't. I thought it deserved to be captured and preserved for posterity. We used to keep bills in there, but Hubby (who claims to be organized and neat but doesn't know how to throw a cheese wrapper in the trash) finally shorted out and found another spot. He used to clean it out for me every so often and keep it looking decent. But since he moved out of it, all hell has broken loose.

Sigh. Martha Stewart has nothin' on me.


LiteratureLover said...

I love this picture! I could have a similar one from my house except mine would show the entire counter beside the phone. I CANNOT seem to keep that place clear!

P.S. You're so creative with the "Where's Cookie?" game!

janiners said...

this is very endearing to me! :-) i should have taken a picture of the room our new apartment-mates now occupy BEFORE we got it all cleaned up. it was really a nightmare!

and cluttered is not a good word for you, girl. your personality is more like the sweet fragrance of a rose. :-)

heartsjoy said...

Beautiful..just beautiful!