Saturday, July 22, 2006

Meme For Babies

Okay, I don't really like Memes. But this one is really creative. Corrie from Rocks In My Dryer tagged Baby for this. So here it is. All you ever wanted to know about my Baby:
3 Things That Scare Me
  • Mommy getting too far away from me, unless I'm at Super, Mega, Ultra McDonald's. Then I want to run away from her as fast as my little legs will carry me.
  • Strangers, because they may want to take me away from my Mommy.
  • Mommy leaving me in the nursery at church.

3 People That Make Me Laugh

  • Brother
  • Sister
  • The cat

3 Things I Love

  • Mommy
  • The Computer
  • Belly Buttons

3 Things I Hate

  • When Mommy leaves me in the nursery at church (See above, 3 Things That Scare Me).
  • Not getting to go bye-bye when Daddy takes Brother and Sister with him to the store.
  • Cucumbers.

3 Things I Don't Understand

  • Why I can't eat butter from the butter dish with my fingers.
  • Why I don't have my own blog. I know I could do it if Mom would just let me at it!
  • Why not everyone loves having my cute, little razor-sharp fingernail jammed in their belly button. I think it's hilarious.

3 Things On My Floor

  • "Mr. Brown Can Moo" by Dr. Suess
  • plastic Elmo
  • shoes

3 Things I'm Doing Right Now

  • Sleeping
  • Dreaming
  • Snoring

3 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  • Get on that computer. I'm dying to see what happens.
  • Go swimming without floaties.
  • Have my very own cell phone. And not one of those stupid toy ones they try to fool me with. I want the real deal, baby.

3 Ways To Describe My Personality

  • Fearless (well except for that whole "mommy going away" thing)
  • Fun-Loving
  • Hot-Tempered

3 Things You Should Listen To

  • Garth Brooks' "Wrapped Up In You". It's my favorite! I can even sing along.
  • My Discovery Toys car. It makes a really loud clicking noise when you push it. Great stuff. Mom loves it.
  • The pager beep on the cordless phone. I love to push it when Mommy's not looking.

3 Things You Should Never Listen To

  • "Don't Touch"
  • "Stop"
  • "Come Here"

3 Absolute Favorite Foods

  • watermelon
  • cheese
  • puffy Cheetos

3 Things I'd Like To Learn

  • How to talk.
  • How to ride a bike.
  • How to sneak Mom's cell phone without getting caught.

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly

  • Juice
  • water
  • milk

3 Shows I Watch

  • Dora the Explorer
  • Sesame Street
  • Thomas the Tank Engine

3 Babies I Tag


shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

This is great! I'm laughing at the belly button thing. My Corrie thinks it's hilarious to stick her finger up my nose.

soulreavers said...

wow, she can fill out these memes in her sleep? Very impressive. ;)

LiteratureLover said...

Um,... I'm just wondering why I'm not listed under the 3 Things I Love list. What's up with that, Baby?

Oh I know, it's because there was no 3 People That Love to Kiss My Cheeks list. Okay, I'm feeling better.

Bttrfly1976 said...

She is too cute. My nieces hairbow made me think of you, it is huge and green and too darn cute, you'd love it. I am a proud subscriber to the 'if you want to leave the house, you will be wearing a hairbow' club.

Mama of 2 said...

Girlie Girlie has been tagged...
Now is she up for the challenge?

Thanks Supermom!

But Momma said...

I don't understand why I can't eat butter from the butter dish either. What's up with that?

jesprincess said...

I also think the Pink Commander's purse should be on the love list. : )

joyfuljourney said...

What a cutie!!

Mama Duck said...

So cute!! Lil' Duck finally got his up as well -