Friday, July 07, 2006


Before I found the miracle of blogging, I used to send out annoying emails to my family and friends detailing the amazing adventures of my life. I figured it had to somehow, someway be recorded for posterity. While visiting Diana's blog, I ran across her post of her son's binky in the toilet and it made me think of a particular story involving a toy mouse. I found it in my email archives and decided to post it here. It was dated last July, so it is exactly a year old. My how time flies:

A couple of weeks ago Sister earned a little Cinderella doll complete with microscopic shoes and two little mice (Jack and Mary). Even more than Cinderella with her rubbery finery and accesories, Sister loves these two little mice. She plays with them all the time. Remember that.

Okay, it's 7:45...we're nearing the home stretch...bedtime. Everyone is clean, teeth are brushed, toys are put away and I am ready to get everyone tucked in. Brother decides he need to go to the bathroom just as the phone rings. I am sitting in Sister's room when I answer it. Baby is playing on the floor and Sister is trying to talk me into playing with either Jack or Mary mouse. Brother is doing his business. The voice on the other end is someone with blah-blah financial blah-blah interest rate blah blah blah. Sister decides to ask Brother to playwhile he is on the toilet. While I am trying to get rid of the blah blah lady Sister comes back into the room and says Brother dropped Jack into the water. "Okay, honey, just a minute," I say. Then I peek into the bathroom and see Brother standing instead of sitting. "I dropped Jack in the water, " he says as he gazes into the toilet.

Wait, it gets better :-)

I take the phone with me into the bathroom to find Jack at the bottom of the toilet right next to a giant turd. Blah blah financial lady is still chattering away so I finally hang up and am grossing out because Sister wants me to get him out. Well, there's no way I'm going in after it, so I announce that Jack will be flushed. Sister immediately starts crying and lamenting her darling Jack.

So here I am with a or flush.

Jack is now swimming in a cup of bleach, where he will remain until morning when he will make his way to the dishwasher for further disinfecting. All is well in rubbery Cinderella-land.


Heth said...

It's a tough call, but I think you made the right decision.

janjanmom said...

I am glad you fished!! Of course, you know this means this toy may possibly never be played with again-but sister will still appreciate what you did.

I love your living room and I laughed to see the picture because that is exactly the color of my living room-Erik's coffee with white trim. I also painted our bathroom the same way. Neither room is trimmed out completely yet! Go you for finishing a project!! We are soul-sistas!!

Sarah said...

The reason I'm glad we had a fish tank for a few years -- a fish net can be most handy at such times!

Mama of 2 said...

Oh what a way to blog my way into a weekend. Supermom you are a riot! fish or flush, huh?

I will have to admit to the fact that I would have fished too. Little Man wouldn't have had it any other way unfortunately.

I asked him once why he feels the need to bring toys into the bathroom with him when he's doing his business. His response to me...'you bring books in'.

Not sure what I was supposed to say to that quite glib remark since he wasn't far off the mark. I do on occasion bring a mag into the bathroom in the hopes of a little peace -- not like that ever happens though

Thanks for sharing this story. It was great.

But Momma said...

Love it! The things we do for these darn kids!

MommaB said...

Okay that's it... you truly are a S-U-P-E-R Mom. And one with very happy children who will laugh about this when they are older... just hope it is with you and not at you!

Michelle said...

I KNEW IT! As the story was progressing I was putting myself in your shoes and I KNEW what HAD to be done!
But it's not like I haven't had feces on my hand from kiddos before. Still, not a habit I want to form.
Well, you did right! That or buy a new set. Me, I'd fish.

Diana said...

OMG!!!LOL!!!! You know, I had the whole visual as I was reading this- and my sides hurt from laughing. I would have fished Jack out, too since he is not easily replaceable like a binky is...
My question to you is: Did she play with Jack with as much love and devotion as she did before the incident???

janiners said...

I still have this e-mail in MY archives, too! I pull it out everytime I need to be reminded of all I'm looking forward to when my little one gets here. I loved this story the first time and it never gets old! You are the most awesome mom! :-)