Tuesday, April 25, 2006

All The World's A Stage

This morning Brother and Sister wrote, produced and rehearsed a play while I was in the shower. After I got out, they had a front row seat waiting for me. This is how it went:

Sister (dressed in her Belle costume): This is the story of a prince (Brother sheepishly grins) who sees a beautiful girl and wants to marry her in three days, but he has to marry her in four days. So he gives her a wedding and some jewelry and a talking device. And a power ring. And then they walked about. The End.

Funny. My husband gave me a power ring on our wedding day, too. But now, he wears it in his nose.

Editorial comment: Anything you read in this blog is for entertainment purposes only. The author happens to have a very manly, strong, adorable, macho, sweet, kind, perfect husband who most definitely wears the pants...and also reads her blog.
The next play was narrated by Brother:

Brother (as the narrator): Once upon a time there was a girl (enter Sister in her ballet costume) who wanted to be a ballerina, but her father wouldn't let her.

(Sister stands gracefully, looking sad and forlorn, yet always beautiful and righteous)

Brother (as the father): No! It is May, and you cannot dance until...(pauses to think)...June! And that's a very long time!

(Sister bows her head in sorrow)

Brother (as the narrator): So the father went to sleep one night (he lays down to sleep), but the girl didn't go to sleep. She ran off to find a stage to dance.

(Sister runs into the next room and begins her dance of joy.)

Brother (as the father): (waking up) Where is that girl? I'm calling the police! (calling) Police! Police! (then to me) Do you want to be the police?

Me (as the police): (making siren noises, then spotting her doing her forbidden dancing) There she is!

Father (stamping in angrily): You disobeyed me! Now go home!

Police (feeling sorry for the girl): Sir, I am only a lowly policeman, but I do think you should reconsider. Your daughter loves to dance, and she is so good at it.

Father: No! She should listen to her father!

Well, I can't argue with that one.

Police (to girl): I'm sorry. He's right. You do need to listen to your father.

(Girl trods slowly back home, never to dance again...until June.)

The End


Heth said...

Your kids are hilarious! Won't be long until June, DANCE PARTY!

heartsjoy said...

lol, that is Tooo cute!! What an awesome little pair...future actor and actresses. :) btw, you did your policeman part so well!

Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

I can see that your children have inherited your sense of humor. What cuties.

jessica said...

Love it! My girls like to pretend as well...in fact they are playing waitress and customer right now...is that a sign we eat out way too much?

LiteratureLover said...

Too funny! I could just picture both of them doing their parts. (Good add-libbing as cop)

jesprincess said...

That's great! I woman at my girl's gymnastics class was talking about how her 5 yr old son loves to "act" and she's trying to find a drama class for the summer. Who needs a class!?! Your kids are naturals!!

janiners said...

what a couple of cuties! how very inventive and creative! i have so much to look forward to!

Diana said...

***Standing Ovation***
loved the play- I had to do all of mine with Barbies.
Those kids have a wonderful talent!