Monday, September 18, 2006

Me? Serious?


On my last post someone called surfingmama left an interesting little invitation. Here is what it said:

Hi there!We would like to invite you to showcase your blog articles to millions of internet-surfing mums through the Surfingmama Blog Carnival. Make a difference for mums all over the world. Surfingmama focuses only on stuff that matters. For mums. Submit to us practical, useful & informative articles that mums need to make informed choices. Topics include childcare, preschool, child-education, child-safety, pregnancy, child-health, special-needs, breastfeeding, mothers-health, childbirth, getting-pregnant, and etc.

I'm flattered and all...really. But I don't think this person has actually read my blog. How do I know this?

"...practical, useful and informative articles that mums need to make informed choices."

First off, they used the word "mum". That isn't at all relative as to whether or not they have read my blog, but I just thought it was funny. It makes me think of SuperNanny.

Supermom vs. SuperNanny. Hmmmmm...

And secondly...

Hel-loo? Name one post I have written that was practical, useful and/or informative.

Go on. Name one.

See what I mean?

How about these for articles?
  1. How To Shine Your Floors While Throwing A Temper Tantrum
  2. Just Say "No" To Exercise
  3. What To Say To Telemarketers
  4. Showering: Luxury or Neccessity?
  5. How To Put A Funny Spin On Your Child's Sociopathic Tendancies
  6. Paint Your Living Room In Six Short Months!
  7. Schizophrenia: You're Never Alone
  8. Decorating Tips Every Mom Should Know
  9. Finding The Best Dress For Shape...At Bass Pro Shop
  10. How To Save Money On Diapers

Now, if they need something whiney, sarcastic or mean, I'm the woman for them.


C D said...

yep ~ definitely british ~ just looking at the way they put the date...

and I personally find your housekeeping tips inspired -- having no children myself I'm printing them out for future reference -- well, not really, but it helps knowing that when/if the time comes I can laugh because you laughed first.

And I know that you're gonna do great in all your endeavors!!


Mama of 2 said...

Hey I say take the praise and run with it. It's a great thing to have another person acknowledge how great we in this blogging world already know you are.

Sabrina said...

Your blog is great! Very REAL!

mommaobrienx7 said...

Love your blog! I found it through hipmomma's blogroll. Definitely going on my favorite's list!

I love your housekeeping tips and your style of writing. Can't wait to read more!

Plain Jane Mom said...

I got the same comment on my blog and promptly deleted it! Comment spam is comment spam, even if it comes from someone with 'mama' in their username ;) I figure if they really wanted to talk to me they would have sent email!!

melissa said...

well, i don't know about that but i think your blog is great. you're so funny. i just started reading your blog and i'm certainly enjoying it so i know others would too.

and the medicine thing in the middle of the night: sounds like something i would do, although i doubt the sticky would ever come off my floor.

Diana said...

ohmygoodness, I just got the same comment yesterday, after laughing it up here.
Too funny.

atthebeachwith5kids said...

My comments have to do with your bows. They really are beautiful. I had an idea for you, not that you need more to do. If you have Pop Warner football in your area, I bet the cheerleading coaches would go gaga for those boews!

Anonymous said...

Supermom, your the shiz.
You crack my ass right up. Ok, so it's already cracked, but I'm just sayin'...

Surfingmama said...

Hi there! Yes, we should have included "humor" and "sarcasm" in our list. You blog is great and would definitely take some seriousness and stress away from being a mum or would-be mum. Do submit your articles to the Surfingmama carnival! And by the way, this is not a spam. Surfingmama is an aggregator of useful articles (humor included!) from all over. Plain Jane Mum said we should have emailed. In our effort to notify mum blogs of our carnival, we may have missed your email address as not many blogs publish their email address. Apologies there!

Michelle said...

ok, that was too funny and reading your list of articles reminded me of the last telemarketer phone call we got. I said "Just a minute" after they slaughtered my last name, and handed the phone over to my 33 month old who LOVES phone calls. And I continued on my day.

Christina said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Holding my side, laughing, lightly banging my head on my desk. I read your blog regularly but something about reading all the title together at one time made me laugh out loud. Thank you! I needed that!