Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I need a song. I'm putting together a slide show for Mother's Day at church. I need a really good song for it. (If you go to church with me, and are a mother, please, cover your eyes and pretend you didn't read that. Then act very, very surprised Sunday morning)

You know the type of song. The kind that will leave every mother in the room a sobbing, heaving mess when it is over. I'm stuck! Can someone help me out?

Whoever finds me the best song will get their name in big, bold letters on my blog, along with a link. I know it's not a snazzy gift certificate or a cash reward, but I'm a poor redneck. I have black plastic and duct tape in leu of a window on my van, remember? It's the best I can do.

And please, no Cathy Lee Gifford.


Heth said...

Sorry. I got nothin. The only song coming to mind is "Wind beneath my wings." *cheeseball!*

heartsjoy said...

"Love that leads to you" by Dawn Smith Jordan. I don't know how available it will be but it is good. "You Raise me Up" by Selah. Sorry, these are the only things coming to mind.

Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

Well, you can't go wrong with Watercolor Ponies by Wayne Watson. It may be an oldie, but I still cry everytime.

I'm in the middle of my parent's slide show and picking the songs was hard!
I finally chose 3:

L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole
You're Still the One by Shania Twain
Still the One by The Orleans

I'm pretty happy with the emotion factor I've created. :)

Bttrfly1976 said...

Oh yeah, this one will break all thier hearts, yours too since you are a mom. :o)

Mark Schultz "When You Come Home"

Of course there is also Phillips, Craig and Dean "Midnight Oil" but it isn't nearly as sad.

Lastly, though it is sung by the "daddy" it is still so fitting. Mark Harris(from 4Him) "Find Your Wings."

Hope that helps!

Denise W. said...

We just had The Fingerprint of God at our preschool progam - it was good. We also had the House on Pooh Corner. It was some modern guy - excellent.

Sarah said...

Fingerprint of God would be most excellent, and I am falling in love with Mark Miller's (is that right?) "Let My Love Give You Roots, And Help You Find Your Wings" (although that is probably more fitting for Senior Sunday?)

Shehopper said...

My friend and I have thought of a few.

Child of Mine - Carole King

I hope you Dance - Leann Womack

jjofar said...


"Home" is more of a love song, but what mom would not want to hear it?? For one he is just deluxe classy, but also he misses home. On the top right of his page you can choose several songs and this is one of them.
My husband sings lots of old bluegrass and there are a ton...the Alison Krauss version of "When you say nothing at all" is so sweet, but might be viewed as only a love song. As a mom, I would love to hear that.

h b said...

guns n roses

Denise W. said...

I got another one!!!!! Let Them Be Little - it's perfect!! Am I too later or are you a procrastinor like me?