Friday, May 26, 2006

Daytime Insomnia

Seriously, something is wrong with me.

Yesterday my allergies were going haywire, plugging up my left ear, leaving me on the verge of an ear infection.

Yes, I'm 32 years old and I still get those.

So, I run to the drugstore and get a box of Claritin-D, which seems to help me the most. I don't take it until after dinner because if I take that stuff on an empty stomach it makes me woozy and very nauseous. I get all the kids in bed and decide to get out my bow-making supplies.

Sidenote: I have a hairbow fettish. My girls have a bow for every outfit. Big, poofy, prissy bows in every color imaginable. Way fun.

As I was saying, I had dug out their clothes for the fall so I could decide what we needed bows for. Yes, I know it's only May, but all their summer clothes have bows already and I was in the mood. Long story short, I was up until 12:30 a.m. making hairbows. And I kept asking myself, "Why aren't I tired?"


The decongestant had me wired. I dozed on and off, but kept waking up. I had this stupid song I'd heard on TV playing over and over again in my head. Not even the whole song, just a couple of lines, "Dum, dum, de, dee, dum...." At one point I dreamed Baby was bleeding, which jolted me awake. Then I had to check her all over to make sure she was okay. Needless to say, it was a very restless night.

I heard my alarm go off at 7 a.m., but couldn't move. Brother turned it off for me, God bless his soul. I think he understands the alarm sounding is only a suggested wake up time for mom. He doesn't even tell me anymore. He just turns it off and goes back to his business. Around 8:00 I hear a pounding noise. I want to go see what it is, but I just can't make my body cooperate, so I lay there, hoping it will stop.

It doesn't.

I finally drag myself out of bed to investigate. Brother and Sister have dragged out the play tools and are hammering plastic nails into a plastic piece of "wood". Don't they know people are trying to sleep?! "No hammering," I mutter, and head back to bed. But not to be left out of the merry-making, Baby is wide awake now and ready to play. Her little face is all aglow. "Hey, did someone say hammer?!"

No rest for the wicked.

I'm in a stupor. Not even a good, strong cup of coffee can revive me. We read some books, play a rhyming game and do a couple of chores, but we don't get a lot accomplished in the way of school or housework. All I can do is count down the minutes until naptime.

12:30 p.m. Kids are fed, stories are read and all are headed to bed...including me. I lay down on my nice, comfy bed, practically melting into the mattress. Ahhhhhhhh. I close my eyes. No stupid song playing.

Only quiet.

Very quiet. And light, too. Did I lock the door? Doesn't matter. I can't move. Did I give Hubby the message I took for him earlier? Man, it's really sunny today. I wish it were cloudier. What are you doing? Shut up and go to sleep! But it's too bright. Wow. I wish I had a video camera behind my eyelids to see what they look like when they're closed. Look at those spots. First a black on then a white one. Weird how I still see stuff when my eyes are closed. What am I going to make to take to the picnic tomorrow? Cookies? Yeah, but what kind? I need to put that on my grocery list. I need to make my menu for next week before I go shopping. What did we have last week? Did we have Chicken Parmesean already? Don't forget bread. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, WOMAN?????!!!!! WHY AREN'T YOU SLEEPING?????!!!!!

So, did I get a nap?

Nope. I'm sitting here. Blogging. Drinking more caffeine and feeling more awake than ever. Now, once the kids are up from their naps, I ought to be ready to lay down again.


HeartsDesire said...

ROFL, found you through someone else's blog. I love this post. Reminds me of myself. Are there video cameras in my house? I can't believe the similarities.

Annalea said...

Isn't it amazing how tired we are when the kids are awake and their energy abounds and how awake we are when they are asleep. My husband has taken my oldest two to "Free Movies in the Park" tonight, the baby is asleep and instead of relaxing I am sitting at my computer. I spent hours today longing for a nap as I trudged the half mile to the community pool and then home again twice today (my idea of exercise these days)but now that I can sleep I am not. - I am not a blogger and I hope that I can somehow find your blog again because it gives me a chance to feel normal.

carrie said...

Same problem, different time. Thank you for helping me feel "normal".

Oh, and just wanted to let you know, you are soooo lucky that your kids still nap! I am green with envy.

Anonymous said...

I soo know that whole story! I hate when it's like that and such a vicious cycle too! No sleep, more restlessness, more no sleep! AAAck! Hope you get some sleep soon!

janjanmom said...

Me too!! Me too!!

It is called MOM TORTURE!! When the kids are down and quiet it is like taking a stimulant for your brain, your can speak whole sentences and remember things..all the things you fogot all day.

When they are up and attem, no thoughts or sentences(or chores) are able to conclude. Everything is done in halves and foggy murkiness. AND your see the world through thick "MOMMY HAZE". Naptime brings about completion to all things started and left half-finshed.

NAPTIME-you complete me. Did I metion mine seldom nap anymore? It makes me random and haphazard. AND A serious night owl.(Sleep-deprived!) ARGH!!

jessica said...

Wow! It is amazing to me how many of us could tell the same story. My hubbie would have given me suggestions for way to get tired though if I were up that late.

Karin said...

Dayum, girl! You sound like me, too: "So, did I get a nap? Nope. I'm sitting here. Blogging." ROFL! :)

Aren't we silly, though :)

Thanks for your comment on Ballast the other day. I miss you, too. I hope you are feeling better.

I'd love to get together sometime, but know how the minutes flow into hours which flow into days in this kind of "mom haze." And now Sam is out of school, which makes me flexible in some ways, and the blur all that much more worse. Still, I'd love to be able to chat sometime. Send me an email or something if you'd like to connect, 'k?

With Love, K

GiBee said...

I'm here from Everyday Mommy ... Congrats on the Golden Croc award! I was wondering ... have you ever thought of selling your hair bows? You could start another blog and do what Randy from I Have To Say did ... It's called Simple Things and she posts projects whenever she feels like it! I say ... give it a try!

And Hairbows is the reason I wanted a little girl, but God, in his infinite wisdom, gave me a son. So, no bows on him!!!

Diana said...

1. My mother constantly had me in hairbows. She says they are the only reason she let my hair get so long.
2. you and I are one in the same right now. My head is in a bubble from benadryl (which I hate but couldn't take the sinus pressure any more.)
3. There is no 3. I don't know why I numbered this. Told ya, I'm in a bubble!