Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Signs About Town

As I was out and about today, I noticed some interesting sings in my neck of the woods:

"Free Kettins" - I am asumming they ment "kittens", but won can niver tell.

"Blessed Roofing" - Due to the recent hailstorm, sporting baseball-sized hail, almost every house on my street has had to have some roof work done. So there are lots of signs for roofing companies around. But this one must be extra special...divinely appointed, even. It probably has a guarantee agains baseball-sized hail, as well as large trees, tornadoes, giants falling from beanstalks. Wonder if they're listed in the Shepherd's Guide?

And my personal favorite...
"Bean Supper
May 6
Meth Church"
Hey, Jesus loves meth users, too.


Lizzie & Skye said...

OMFG! That is HILARIOUS! The METH church. Yeah...those people need to get "up" with the lingo of the times!

And who wouldn't want free KETTINS!

Lordy. You are too funny...nice writing!

Bex said...

Ok, that was me above, not my DOGS!! I was logged in under my DOGS names! My blog is www.bexlife.com/blog.