Friday, August 18, 2006

Dancing Queen

There is a group of young women at my church who like to go line dancing.

They are very cute and very hip.

Some are single, some are married and some are even moms. But not your average, everyday mom.

They are very cute and very hip.

Oh, I said that already.

So you can imagine my surprise when they asked me to go with them. Me? You mean, I can do that?

I laughed. I could see me wearing my capris and Easy Spirit sneakers tearing up the dance floor with my "moves". I haven't been on a dance floor in 14 years. The only dancing I have done is bopping to the Wiggles in the safety of our living room.

Me. Go dancing. Yeah, right.

In a surprise twist, my husband was literally threatening me if I didn't go. His exact words, "You're going...or else." I argued that I didn't have a thing to wear. I was pretty sure they would turn me away in my mom clothes. And then he said the magic words. The words that are music to a woman's ears. The words that soothe the beast within.

"Go shopping."

Well, if you insist.

As I mentioned earlier this week, my shopping trip was a disaster. I came home virtually empty handed. But something kinda weird happened. I found myself actually wanting to go dancing.

I know. A very non-mom thing to do.

So, I gathered up my resolve and hit the local consignment shop, determined to find something to help me get my groove on. Now, don't panic. I shied away from tube tops and hot pants. But I came away with two very understated, slightly mom-ish shirts (hey, it's progress) and a very cute, yet very uncomfortable pair of black heels.

Perfect for dancing.

So, last night, I fixed my hair, I put on makeup, donned my heels and went dancing with the girls. And you'll never believe this...

...but I had fun.

I didn't drink. I didn't smoke. And I didn't dance with strange men. (And believe me, there was no shortage of them.) It was just us girls, out there being goofy, laughing at ourselves trying to learn the steps. Being loud. And being young.

That's right. I said YOUNG. Because we are. I am. Even though I forget sometimes.

Thank you to the girls who saw me through those eyes and asked me to come. You reminded me of someone I used to be and today I didn't wear my Easy Spirit shoes.

So, when are we going again?

*Blogger wouldn't let me uplaod the #!$%* pictures, so go here to check out the girls and my cute shoes.


Heather said...

I wanna come!!!!

jesprincess said...

Anytime sister, anytime! You looked so CUTE! Where are the pictures?

SuperMom said...

Princess - Blogger sucks. It wouldn't let me post them...again.

Kelli said...

What a hoot! Glad you had fun :)

jesprincess said...

Now you can just put a link to my blog. The pictures are UP!

Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

Loved to line dance! And I loved your shoes!

Learn to use drop shots for your pictures and you can work around Blogger's photo problems that way.

Heth said...

That is awesome!

yerdoingitwrong said...

Those are wonderful pics. You all look great and I'm so glad you had such a good time. Girl time is essential!!!

I love those two magic words when uttered from my hubby, too!!! =)

dcrmom said...

What fun!!!! Good for you.

Mommy the Maid said...

How fun! Sometiems us moms need to get out, wear some cute shoes and just have fun. It's been a while for me, but hopefully I will fix that next weekend.

Mama of 2 said...


We all need a night like you talked about. And damn right we are still young! What's that line....I'm too young to feel this damn old

I love the shoes BTW.
And I'd like to come next time too. wink -- wink

jessica said...

I am sooo glad you did it! My husband and I go dancing once a month or so with a few couples from church and we always have sooo much fun! I'm glad you had a good time!

Diana said...

Love the shoes..
Glad you had fun, you deserve it once in a while, ya'know?
And yes, blogger does suck w/ pics. I had to open a flickr account just to get my pics up.

But Momma said...

Isn't it GREAT to have a night out! I saw the pictures, and no one would suspect you're an imposter. Too cute!

Brandy said...

You looked fabulous and young! Hey, we still are! Regardless of the endless amounts of "kid related" things that are literally hanging all over us. You go girl, get out as often as you can!