Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Love You All

I was scrolling down through my comments and a wave of warm fuzzies washed all over me.

Don't worry. I'm fine. They were nice warm fuzzies.

Anyway, I marveled at the relationships I have formed with people out there who could walk by me on the street unnoticed. You come here and read about all my insane goings on and instead of pointing a finger or leaving a snide remark, you encourage me.

Oh, gosh. I hear Josh Grobin in my head.

Seriously, ladies (and a few gentlemen), you make my day. Thanks for coming along beside me.

Times like these I wish I could have you all over for lunch tomorrow so we could crowd around my table in my very small kitchen and yell at our kids to stop interrupting and go play in the street so we could have some mommy time over coffee.

Wouldn't that be great?

Sounds stupid when I don't even know everyone's real names, but I'm rather fond of you. I think you're all Supermoms.


Grafted Branch said...

ROFLOL! Yell at the kids to stop interupting and go play in the street... I love your sense of humor because it is just. so. honest. (and true).

Denise W. said...

How can we not come back - you're too funny! That's for sharing your days with all of us. (I usually have a cup of coffee with me - that count?)

Sarah said...

I'm on my way -- should be there about lunch time! :-)

joyfuljourney said...

Sarah - I need to catch a ride with you. I think we live in the same part of the world!

Who's bringing the chocolate?

Diana said...

I'll bring the chocolate! I love Lindt, I hope you guys do, too!

LiteratureLover said...

Awwww, you're so sweet! We love you too!!