Sunday, November 26, 2006

Potty Talk

Sister is a very prissy girl. You may never come across a little girl more frilly, more poofy or more pink on the face of the planet. She loves dresses, jewels and tea parties. She is always kind to animals and prides herself on carrying her four-year-old self with grace and genteelity. Not only does she look the part of the perfectly prim princess, but she also has the sweet, bell-like voice to compliment the exterior.

However, Sister has recently developed a rather interesting little quirk.

She loves the word "poop".

Now, instead of trying to find ways to work her new favorite word into conversations using the correct context, she just inserts it randomly wherever she sees fit. For instance, when I ask her if she would like turkey or ham on her sandwich, she replies, "Poop and cheese, please," and then dissolves into adorable belly laughs, obviously very proud of her clever take on words.

At first, I reprimanded her, as any mother afraid of being embarrassed in public would do. "Sister, that isn't polite." But my obvious horror and disgust only served to spur her on.

While watching Dora the Explorer, she decided to invent her own dialect of Spanish, changing the words ever so slightly:

"Encada. That means POOP!"

Then she changed the lyrics to one of Dora's songs:

"Eisa turn the poop, turn the poop, Eisa."

So I tried a new strategy. When she used her fun little word, I simply ignored it. I didn't react in the least. And then I had a conversation with her about what we can say when it's just us at home and what we can say in public.

Did it work?

Well, she hasn't screamed it in Wal-Mart yet. But she still likes to throw it around now and then. Last night I tucked her in and turned to leave the room when I heard a soft, sweet voice in the semi, night-light-infused, darkness.

"I love you poopy Mommy." (snicker, snicker)

Well, you have to admit. That was pretty darn cute.


Antique Mommy said...

My 3-year-old is totally obsessed with the word poop right now. It currently ranks as the funniest word in the history of the universe.

SuperMom said...

Okay, for the record, Antique Mommy, my post wasn't complete when you commented. I think my husband accidentally hit publish instead of save as draft when he usurped the computer last night. Just so you'll know, my thoughts are usually more complete.


Heth said...

It's always funny when it's someone else's kid.

Ann Kroeker said...

Supermom, or Poopermom?

What *is* it about potty talk that captivates like that? At our house, it happened around the age of Sister, and again in prepuberty stages.

That, and burping. Burping is hilarious, too, evidently--even with girls very concerned about name brand clothing and perfect ponytails.

I've tried ignoring it, but it doesn't keep the siblings from guffawing.

jesprincess said...

I love it!!! Little Girl can belch and Sister can talk about poop. PERFECT!

Sarah said...

I ignore it as well. I think they're trying it out for shock value. Be thankful they don't have worse words to shock us with.

jjofar said...

after grams watched sandlot with my little one...we discovered 'sandlot words' that are now associated with ivory soap. any time a word is misused, rude, or an obscene repeat of a word used by uncle harley, we just say...ewwww! that is a sandlot word. that ivory must have tasted REALLY bad! poopermom, this too shall pass!!! hee hee! no pun intended :)

Domestic Goddess said...

poopy mommy. gotta love it!

fortunately kids grow out of it or every one in the corporate world would talk like that.

Can you imagine: "would everyone please come to the poopy conference room. Mr. Poopy is ready for you"

LiteratureLover said...

That is so poop!

Old Lush said...

Oh, what is it with poop? My three year old was singing Jesus Loves Me the other day with poop in it. What to do...what to do...

brooke said...

My 4 1/2 year old Oliver still loves the poop word, I'm afraid he will never tire of it.