Monday, November 13, 2006

Music Therapy

I have about a 20-25 minute drive home from class on Monday nights. I enjoy this time. I usually find something good on the radio and crank it. Then I sing and bop around the car like a complete buffoon.

I call it Music Therapy.

Tonight, after getting all riled up at Mr. Whiney Government Man, I was in the mood for Angry Girl Music.

You know...Kelly.

I flipped through all the stations, thinking surely something could help me purge the Angry Girl.


Bon Jovi.


Rod Stewart.

I love all this on a normal day. On a normal day it would make for a great therapy session. But tonight it wasn't scratching the itch.

I keep flipping.

I land upon a lovely musical selection played with a dulcimar.

This only fuels Angry Girl.


Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like a CD player for my car so I can listen to Kelly whenever my Angry Girl so desires.

So, feeling angry? Join me in some music therapy. Bang your head and scream the lyrics. If you do it right, you will feel better. If not, kick the cat.


thebarefootpoet said...

Resisting the urge...resisting the urge...don't want to start this again...barely in...

I guess it's angry in a candy pop kinda way.

Oh no, what have I said...

LiteratureLover said...

Laughing at Poet. Watch out Bucko, did you not hear she was already ANGRY?!

My favorite angry music is Avril. I know those moments of being in an angry music mood.

jesprincess said...

I prefer cat kicking!

Daddyman said...

I downloaded about 7,000 songs onto my iPod a few days ago. Arranging them is my musical therapy! It's like the most gigantic mix tpae EVER!

Mom2fur said...

No, no, no--don't kick the cat! Poor kitty!