Thursday, October 12, 2006

Whatever Happened To Supermom?

All right, all right!!!

Now Hubby is railing on me. "Why haven't you blogged? You really need to do that, you know. It doesn't have to be great, just put something down."

It doesn't?

I'll admit, I've felt a little pressure to write something witty and smart and it seems I am running out of material.

I know. Shocking.

You would think I would have an endless supply of material with three children at home all day, so why am I stumped?

Here's the thing. This blog was truly started out of desperation. The title has deep meaning. I was feeling frustrated and somewhat trapped by my life. I began writing to release those frustrations, and lo and behold if it didn't take on a life of its own. And before I knew it, I was living and breathing it. I spent the biggest chunk of my day thinking of what I would write next and being absolutely giddy when something crazy happened because I knew it would make a killer blog.


Sad, don't you think?

Don't get me wrong. I love blogging. I miss blogging. And I still want to do it. But there is a difference now.

I don't need to.

For me, the therapy worked. So when you see I haven't blogged for awhile, be happy for me. It means I'm not feeling overwhelmed and irritated. It means I'm taking my life in a healthy direction. It means I've spent the day feeding my mind, teaching my children and loving my husband and I'm not completely exasperated at the end.

Or it could mean I am up to my ears in laundry, dishes, homework, diapers and bows and I barely have time to pick my nose, let alone, type a friggin' blog. WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM ME???!!!

I mean, after all, I am Supermom.

Footnote: After giving it some thought, I worried this might have sounded very arrogant and haughty, as if I now have a life and all you bloggers out there don't. Please, don't take it that way. I love this weird, little blogging community and wouldn't dream of abandoning it. Blog on, sisters!!


Mommy-Fommy said...

Since I found you a couple of weeks ago, I've read tons of your archives! I admit that I've kept your page up and checked several times a day since Friday to see if you blogged again! I'm glad you're feeling happy enough not to need to blog, so forgive my own selfishness when I hope to see that date change when I refresh the page. What? You don't exist solely to keep me entertained? How dare you! :) Like you said, you are after all, Supermom! BTW, I identify with what you said about thinking about things that will make a great blog. So far, I've written a few things, but I need to find some time to write about the genuine bearded lady at the store the other day. Now that's something I'd love to see you write about! It's a shame that blogging takes so much time....

Anonymous said...

well we are here when you need us to applaud your supermomness

Mama of 2 said...

No offense taken here!
I know what you mean about using blogging as therapy. I know there are times for me when I do that as well and then there are times when I just want to share something funny. And then there are days on end when I don't type a single word. All of it's okay. They are our blogs to do with what we want when we want.

I still click on your blog daily to see if you left something for me to read and possibly laugh about or even sympathize with.

I'm happy for you that you feel your life has taken a healthy direction. HOORAY FOR YOU!

ps-- thanks for the Ovaltine suggestion it finally worked. Girlie Girlie is drinking her milk out of a playtex sippy cup...can you believe that?

LiteratureLover said...

We'll welcome you back whenever you decide to write and for whatever reason.

Heth said...

I love reading whatever adventures you write about. I'm glad to know you are happy and fufilled. Happy and fufilled is a good place to be. Just make sure you wash your hands after you pick your nose.

Melzie said...

Please please supermom take the time to pick your nose at least :) Priorities! I miss ya but I am sure you'll be back for my reading enjoyment after all what ELSE could you possibely have to do with your time than entertain ME?! ;) xoxo melzie

Jen said...

I check your blog often hoping for a new post, because they always make me smile...make me wish I knew you in "real life". But I'll now know to be HAPPY when there is nothing new to read! :-)

G said...

I see what you mean, I am glad to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (or somewhere in it!)As I am new to blogging, I have found you funny and witty and everything is great! Thanks..

HeartsDesire said...

I know exactly what you mean. It's like you said everything I had been feeling.

yerdoingitwrong said...

It didn't sounnd arrogant or haughty. It's good news!! But, keep writing from time to time b/c I love love love your writing syle and funny stories!!!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

SO glad that life is going well! our blogging needs and styles will change. No worries.

How wonderful though that you are feeling some relief from the stresses. We are happy for you!!! :)

jessica said...

Well, I know the feeling. When I started blogging I was depressed about not having a job and just needed an outlet. Now, I have a full-time job and lots of stuff on my plate. I don't have the same time... but I'm still trying. I domiss reading your life's happenings... you really are a cleaver writer!