Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My, How Things Have Changed!

I should be cleaning. The kids are resting quietly in their beds, my homework is caught up (though I could stand to be studying more) and my bow orders are waiting for a new ribbon shipment.

I should be cleaning.

But I don't want to.

I've missed my little bloggy-woggy and I want to spend some quality time with it. It needs me. It actually accused me of spending more time with other blogs, but that is certainly not the case. In fact, for all of you with blogs I haven't visited in a while, please tell your blogs I am very sorry, and I will get around to it soon. I will make it up to them somehow.

Maybe I'll take them to the circus.

Or buy them ice cream.

So, in the spirit of not cleaning when I should, I thought I'd at least post about it, and somehow that should magically make it ok.


This interesting article at caught my eye today. It's entitled "Good (Enough) Housekeeping".

Fascinating stuff.

This article actually suggests you hide your clutter from company. It even suggests a good piece of furniture you can buy for just that.

Got a sinkful of dirty dishes and a dishwasher that needs unloading? Toss them in the oven!

Now folks, I've been pulling off this kind of deception for years. This is not news to me. Heck, I can even think of a few tricks they left out. But I am happy to learn it is now socially acceptable.

Fifty years ago, Good Housekeeping was telling us to iron our socks, vacuum every day in heels and pearls and perfect the routine of the perfectly prim housewife down to a "T".

Today, we don't have to worry about being perfect.

As long as we can fool everybody into thinking we are, it's all fine and dandy.

Refreshing, isn't it?


jEN said...

What a relief...I AM NOT ALONE!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that way of thinking! The oven, why didn't I think of that before now?
Too bad the oven isn't a little bigger. Hehe

Mommy-Fommy said...

The garage is a great place to hide a dirty crockpot!

The oven is such a dangerous place to put anything if you're the type of person (like me) who has a Dory memory. (You know, Finding Nemo!) My mom used to keep her cast iron skillet in the oven and I'd ALWAYS forget to take it out when I'd heat up the oven.

Ever hid your laundry basket in the shower hoping that company won't look? :)

Bttrfly1976 said...

lol, too funny. So long as everyone thinks we're perfect....and the charade goes on.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I actually went and read that article. It had some great ideas! Thanks for the link!
I'm sure you can tell by now, I am the lazy one they are talking about.

shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

She's back! She's back! We out here in bloggy-woggy land have missed you.

C D said...

heh heh heh. Yep, as long as we *appear* to have it all under control... Good Grief!

My husband, while we were living in Scotland (and he'd never had a dishwasher), upon visiting my mother in the states, exclaimed about her dishwasher, "Excellent! A cupboard for the dirty dishes!" *imagine in a cute Scottish accent ;-)

I'd been trying to tell him for years...

and yes, we've missed you!

Domestic Goddess said...

I love it! Buying a cupboard to shove your clutter in.

I can't use the over either. I would melt everything.

joyfuljourney said...

Hey SuperMom! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The white rabbit thing is explained in my Sept 1st post! It's a silly game, but we have fun playing it!

Homeschool Help Web said...

The oven also makes a fabulous extra dish drainer when you've let the dishes go for (mumblemumble) days.

Just don't put plastic in the oven. TRUST me on this.

janjanmom said...

Just like an absentee-er to try to buy you off with the circus and ice cream.

I like vanilla.

Mama of 2 said...

Loved the article. Thanks for the link. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one cheating...and hey I now have the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. LOL!

LiteratureLover said...

Your house is as good as gold to me. I have never seen a mess at your house. There might have been one, but I was too distracted by the welcoming arms to notice.

Cheerio's on my butt? said...

You're such a cool person! I wish we could hang in real life!

heartsjoy said...

whew, new hiding places thanks for

scribbit said...

My Mom still irons her jeans. HER JEANS!

HeartsDesire said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. It's so nice to know that someone out there will say what few people do. BTW- There is a reason the master bedroom door stays shut when there are guests. That's where we hide the mess.

Old Lush said...

Ha! You should see my hides all sorts of odds and ends...

Good to know that we all feel this way. (Well, most of us)

Shayne said...

I used to have this lovely little friend. She was so awesome! She would regale me with funny little stories about her life, her children, plus any other little thing that came to mind. Her name was SuperMom...ever heard of her???

Yeah, man she used to blog and make me laugh so hard. Now I have no idea where she is. I hope she's doing well. I hope she knows how much laughter she has brought into my life.

I hope she comes back soon.

SuperMom said...

Man, Shayne. You must be a mom. You've got the guilt thing DOWN.


Problem is, I have to sleep sometimes. And it really interferes with the blogging. Sorry, I'll try to cut back a little more. I don't really NEED five hours. I could probably live with four.

Shayne said...

Yup, totally a mom. Even worse, I may have officially turned into my mother.

Sorry for the guilt...just missing you. BTW...have you stopped over at Into The Depths lately...good stuff happening.

Cmommy said...

I'd like French Silk ice cream, please!


Jenmomof4 said...

Clutter??? who had clutter to hide!! Come to my house and it is everywhere!! I do have a big armoir that I toss the stuff in when someone is stopping by. It is a great hold all. If I have dishes in the sink and the dishwasher is full...I pull out my huge cutting board and put it on top of the sink to hide my dishes!! Sneaky..I know!!