Monday, October 23, 2006

Me, Me, Me

I am halfway awake, wondering why I haven't heard my alarm. I should be dead tired, because my alarm is set for 5:30 a.m., and I should be feeling something between comatose and partial paralysis, but I am feeling oddly rested. How can I feel rested before 5:30?

Because it's 6:39.

This is not good, because I have class at 8:00 a.m.

And this should leave plenty of time to get ready. But I have a quiz this morning for which I am not completely prepared and wanted an extra hour to cram before heading off to school.

6:39 is bad.

I stagger into the living room to find Brother checking football scores on the computer and talking to someone on the phone.

Startling, no?

"Who are you talking to?!" I demand. Who in God's name is calling my house at 6:30 in the morning and talking to my seven-year-old son??!!!

He continues talking and gives me the polite "one moment please" signal with his pointer finger.

"She's awake she is," he says, and then hands me the phone.

I respond with a sleepy, yet obviously peeved, "hello".

It's my brother.

"Why are you calling so early?!" I ask, not even trying to be civil, waiting for my blood pressure to come down to normal.

He's hurt. "I just wanted to call and wish you a Happy Birthday before you left for school," he says, trying to not sound wounded.

Oh, yeah. Today's my birthday.

Now I feel like a heel. Like a squashed bug on the bottom of the heel.

So what do I say to that?

I think I said something like "thanks", but it's kind of a blur. I vaguely remember him handing the phone to my mom and her singing happily in my ear. The rest of the conversation is completely lost in my subconscience never to be found again.

Remind me to apologize to my brother later.

I get the coffee going and kick it into high gear. Actually it is more like sluggish, slothful, semi-high-ish gear, but I'm winding up to it.

I wanted to take a shower and try not to look like a bag lady today, on my birthday. But those plans are toast and I resort to throwing on yesterday's clothes and putting my hair up in a clip. I manage lipstick and mascara, which is admirable, in light of things and head to the kitchen to try and get half an hour of study time.

But my children have this's somewhat annoying.

They like to eat breakfast.

I literally throw Kix in a bowl, spilling them on the table and floor which suprises Sister. She knows Mommy would correct her for such behavior, so she looks at the scene with hesitancy and offers her two cents: "Uh...Mommy. You spilled some."

"Yes, Honey, I know. Don't just sit there. Grab a spoon!!!"

I sit down with my Psychology book and try to absorb the text without even a drop of coffee and Baby clamoring for Dora in the background.

Things are not looking hopeful.

At 7:32 I am yelling at Hubby to get out of bed while I find my shoes and shove books in to my bag. I pour the coffee into my Starbuck go-cup, give quick kisses to all (except Hubby...sorry, Hun) and fly out the door at 7:45.

Hubby drove the car last, so the seat isn't adjusted to fit my shorter leg span. Instead of fixing this problem while the car is stopped, I prefer to do it while driving and balancing my cup of coffee in my lap.

You know what happens then, right?

I end up with coffee in my lap.

It's a good thing I take my coffee beige. Otherwise I would be walking around campus today with brown stains on my baglady outfit.

I make it to class just as the instructor is unlocking the door. Barely on time.

Happy Birthday to me.

As I write this, things are looking up. I think I actually did really well on my quiz. My friend is taking me to lunch. She has a present for me!! And I just received an email saying my blog has been featured on BlogHop. The email was quite complimentary.

Yes, I know it's probably a standard email they send out to everyone they feature, but hey, it's my birthday, GIVE ME THIS.

Leave me a comment. Tell me Happy Birthday. Tell me I look 18. All bow down and adore me...please.

And then tomorrow we can pretend it never happened. Because that's what I like to do with birthdays.


thebarefootpoet said...

Your not 18?!?! Geez your the youngest 20 year old I've ever met.
Happy Birthday lady, your the best!

org junkie said...

Hey lurker here...wishing you a happy day even if it didn't start out great. The day isn't over and it can only get better! All the best, Laura

Ann Kroeker said...

You, you, you!

Happy birthday to SuperMom living the mommy-est birthday I ever saw recorded and published for the world to read. It sounds something like my last year's Mother's Day.

I'm told we'll look back on all of this and laugh. Some even say we'll remember it fondly--that we'll miss it!

This coming birthday for me is a doozy, so I'm thinking I'm the old one here. I think I'm supposed to be the one assuring you young'uns that you'll look back on all of this and laugh, that you'll remember it fondly.

But I'm still flinging KIX at the kids, insulting my well-meaning relatives, and spilling coffee on my pants, too.

I hope lunch redeems the day.

Congratulations on the quiz.

May you be showered with brightly colored ribbons...

...and eat large quantities of chocolate.

Happy birthday, from the commiserating Contemplative Mom.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Just can't really get any worse. I miss you. We need a girl's night out!

shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

Happy, happy birthday! Hope things began looking up for you.

Heth said...

HOORAY! It's your birthday! Wow, what a doozie, started out not so well I'd say. Do something GREAT, you deserve it!

Heth said...

HOORAY! It's your birthday! Wow, what a doozie, started out not so well I'd say. Do something GREAT, you deserve it!

Bttrfly1976 said...

Sorry your day started out blah, but on the upside, presents rock!


dcrmom said...


Shayne said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Hey...just a thought, but don't you get a some sort of "guilt-free zone" pass on your birthday? I mean, so you spilled some Kix. So you look like an 18 year-old baglady...who cares??? It's your birthday and I grant you one glorious, gargantuan, guilt-free day.

Melzie said...

aw happy birthday supermom you dont look a day over 17! Here, I'll share my skittles with you ::brushes lint off:: muah big birthday smooches! xoxo melzie ;)

mommaobrienx7 said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Just found your blog and LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

even when she's bitchy, she's still a hot piece of ass..............haha! praise jebus!

...........hubby of supermom

Jennine said...
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Jennine said...

Here's a birthday song...
It isn't very long, hey!

I hope you are blessed beyond belief this year.

May all your legos find their way back to their containers and your clothes dryer remain crayon-free.

CPA Mom said...

Happy Birthday!! You don't look a day over 18.

My son's birthday is today too. He doesn't look a day over 4.

Have a great week!

Kelly said...

Just found your blog today. I hope the rest of your birthday was a happy one. It seems you and I have parallel lives. I too have kids and go to school. It is hard but worth it.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPER MOM!!! Sorry to hear your day started out so crappy. Be sure to say sorry to your brother.
I totally thought you were 18. You mean you're not?

For some stupid reason, blogger doesn't like my comments lately, so I'm anonymously,

Sue from Canada said...

Hi you don't know me but hope you had a great birthday and congrats on doing well on your test. This is a day that you can look back on and laugh. I laughed at you your child and Dora yesterday, I used to work in a video store and would see Moms like you come in with crying kids to get a movie to quieten(sp) them down. Happy Sue

C D said...

H*A*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y !!!

yerdoingitwrong said...

Happy Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio!!

cjoy said...

I'm late (took me 2 days to read the post since I have kids with annoying habits, too), but happy belated birthday anyway! May this year be rewarding for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Goslyn said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it just keeps getting better.

The Human Napkin said...

Well, Happy Late Berfday! I'm eating a cookie in your honor right now.

Mama of 2 said...


Lura said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I really like your blog. It makes me laugh. What I don't understand is how it's funny reading about it at your house, but not nearly as funny when it's happening at mine?!

But Momma said...

Hey! Happy Belated Birthday you youngish, college going chicky, you!