Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My Princess

Today I was cleaning the bathroom (Yes, it's true...I did clean today) and was wearing rubber gloves. You know, the banana yellow ones that hit about halfway between your wrist and elbow. My three-year-old was perched on the potty taking it all in. She is obsessed with dressing up and I guess my gloves were akin to formal wear to her. She sucked in a little gasp and said, "Mommy, what are those?!" I explained they were gloves I used to keep the bathroom cleaner off my hands. Then she said wistfully, "I can't wait till I'm a Mommy so I can wear those." I was thinking, "Girl, I can't wait till you're 6 so you can wear them and help your poor ole' Mommy out!"

For some reason I am a failure in the area of Potty Training. I struggled with my son and now I am struggling with Sister. I hate potty training!! And if any of you out there want to tell me how you potty trained your children in a weekend, resist the urge. I will throw up. So I've been using every technique ever invented, and a few I just made up, to get that girl to go in the potty. Today she said, "God told me I could poop in the potty because my bottom is strong." Well, I'm glad she is hearing from God on the issue. We could use a little Divine Intervention.


janiners said...

well, i have no unwanted advice to give you so you have nothing to worry about there, but sister is cracking me up! thanks for the extra smile this morning!

h b said...

oh angela! if that is not the cutest thing she has ever said, then i am afraid to know what might've been cuter! Sister brought a tear to my eye (from laughing)!