Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ooooooo, you're gonna be so jealous when you see what I got for Valentine's Day!


It's the cutest little digital camcorder EVER! Now I can record earth-shattering events like this:

Imagine what this means for my BLOG!!

And it has zero fat, zero calories, zero carbs so it won't make my butt bigger...unless I record my butt...which will add ten pounds...but we won't talk about that.

I did not even ask for this. Didn't even know it existed. And my hubby - the world's best gift giver - surprised me with it, knowing I would go ga-ga. Oh, it's the best Valentine's present EVER!! (gush, gush, gush)

Stay tuned for more ground-breaking video journalism from the trenches.

(By the way, I don't know why it's posted the video twice. I cannot edit it out either. Guess I will have to spend my day playing with my new toy to figure it out. Gosh darn it.)


LiteratureLover said...

That is so cool! He is so hip to the max. (I know, I just used a bunch of outdated words to describe his "with-it-ness" but you get my drift.)

However, if we are going to continue being friends, that thing better ONLY come out to record children. I don't need an additional ten pounds.

i_am_4given said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH...what an awesome gift!!! It will be nice to have one of them, and if you catch a funny, you could win money for it...hehe


Jocelyn said...

Nice gift! :)
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Thanks! :)

Shayne said...

Wow. A camcorder and an invitation to join a new momblog thingy. The day can't get much better than that!

Anonymous said...

Toooo very cute! Can't wait to see more from your new toy! :-)