Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Memoirs Of An Addict

Coffee is my drug of choice.

I'm not in denial. I fully embrace the fact that I am an addict. I don't even hold the conviction that I should quit.

I'm a full-blown junkie.

One to two cups every morning. Two sugars and a splash of milk.

This morning, I shuffled to the kitchen, as I do every morning, to get the crack a-cookin'. I'd had an especially difficult night with Baby, who has some kind of yucky respiratory thing going on. She was up and down all night coughing and blowing her nose while I kept administering medication and drinks of water, trying to ease her discomfort.

It didn't help that I was up until 2 a.m., either.

So, I go through the motions with my eyes only barely open. Empty old filter. Put in new. Two scoops of coffee. Six cups of water. Flip the switch. I shuffle back to the computer to check my email and wait anxiously for my brew. After a few minutes, I notice I can't hear the familiar sounds of percalation or smell the delicious aroma that would normally have me salivating at this point.

You know how you get in the habit of doing something and before long you don't even pay attention to what you're doing? It's the whole "autopilot" phenomena.

I automatically think I must not have really made the coffee. I can't even remember doing it. Silly me. I need coffee...bad.

I head back to the kitchen to make it for real this time, since I have obviously been on autopilot too long.
But the coffee pot is on.

I check the reservoir. It has water. What about coffee? Check. Plugged in? Check.

But it is not making coffee. It is not doing anything. Not even a pulse.

My coffee pot is...(sniffle)...dead.

A moment of silence, please.

Good-bye, old friend.

But there is no time for a proper memorial. My addiction is greater than even my grief and everything is secondary to my need for a fix. I begin to bark commands and have everyone dressed and loaded into the van within twenty minutes, myself included. As far as addicts go, I look the part. Sunken eyes, no shower, no makeup and last night's dirty clothes. My children cry as I rip their half-eaten breakfasts from their mouths and drag them out into the bone-chilling cold so mommy can score a hit. But I feel no shame. I am numb.

Driving bleary-eyed along the highway I try to formulate a plan. I will stop at the nearest fast food drive-thru and get me the largest cup they have. If it costs me four dollars, I will pay. But I cannot think clearly. In my stupor I drive past every available drive-thru and find myself close to Wal-Mart. Forget the drive-thru. Why pay a dealer when I can make my own at home? I need a new pot. I screech into the parking lot on two wheels. I cannot even speak complete sentences as my children ask me, "Why, Mommy? Why?" Coffee...hurry...can't...please...

The store is warm and bright coming in from the cloudy, gray cold and I steer us to the small appliance aisle. It is full of shiny coffee makers in black, white and chrome. They beckon to me and I am at their mercy. The commercial coffee pot at $94 is enticing. I could make a lot of it really fast. I could share it with my friends. Fortunately I don't have $94 to spend and I grab the $19.95 Black and Decker, ready to find an electrical outlet then and there and have my coffee in aisle number eight of my local neighborhood Wal-Mart.

I make it home with all three children, the Black and Decker, a new bag of freshly ground coffee at $7/pound and a box of Chai tea, shaking as I carry them in the door. In my crazed need for caffeine, I may have overdone it a bit, but I will have to deal with those repurcussions later.



Meet my new best friend:
I can even program it to have my coffee ready and waiting for me when I get up in the morning. Isn't it lovely?
Exquisite, it is.
My precioussss...


LiteratureLover said...

LOL! From one junkie to another... I feel your pain. I thought my old friend had passed away too but after wiggling the cord, he brewed happily this morning. WHEW!

P.S. Where can we send flowers to the deceased? -- Crazy Cool

Liz said...

"My precioussss..." LOVE THAT

Randall said...

That's my coffee maker too! She is lovely for us coffe lovers :)

Heather B said...

WOAH, ok, longest blog about coffee, EVER! Your old coffee pot was most likely used and abused above and beyond that of other "normal" coffee makers. I feel like I should send flowers to the NEW pot - man, if it only knew what it were in for, it would miss the lazy days of aisle 8.

C-Marie said...

I LOVED this post! I had the same exact experience about 6-7 yrs ago... I nearly went into our Wal-Mart in my PJ's...maybe I did. It's all a blur now. Life simply cannot move along without that coffee!

Shayne said...

Former lurker here...you had me snorting my Folger's brew right out of my nose. Painful...but funny. Loved it.

Kellie said...

Great post...and i am totally with you. I would have done it Just. The. Same.

I had two friends email me today, to tell me that I HAD to read your post today.

I feel better knowing that there are others out there who share my passion (addiction is such a harsh word! Denial works for me.) for coffee.

Have a great day!

i_am_4given said...

LOL...yup, I don't there is a woman out there than cannot relate!! I think we call can feel the pain you were feeling!!!


truevyne said...

My addiction is gum. In particular "Forever Fruit" Stride.
You can have the coffee, but give. me. my. gum.

Mommy, the Human Napkin said...

I have the same pot - and yes, I posted a photo of mine, too! LOL! BEST birthday present EVER. It's my best friend.