Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How do I do a post about one of my children turning another year older without waxing sappy and sentimental?

It can't be done.

So you must endure my blubbering, because Sister was five yesterday.

We had cupcakes for breakfast, a longstanding tradition in our house. Then we finished the rest of them after lunch and before dinner. I think we all had about three each.

If you can't eat as many cupcakes as you want on your birthday, then when can you?

It was a good excuse for me, too.

And today I am sporting a Purple Glitter manicure, courtesy of the Birthday Girl, who, like all princesses, got to do whatever she wanted on her special day.

It is interesting how all my children seem to take turns being the source of frustration and concern for me, which is good, because if they were all frustrating at the same time (which has happened on occasion) ugly things could happen. And Sister is the one who has been driving me mad of late.

But nothing makes me happier and turns me into a blob of mushy goo like a hug and an "I love you, Mommy" from her. I worry sometimes that I spoil her too much. That I haven't adequately taught her the importance of her place in the world and how that pertains to other people. I worry that because I see so much of myself in her, that I will also overlook my shortcomings in her. She is most like me, in so many ways, which is thrilling and frightening all at once.

She is my storyteller, my tender heart, my Prima Donna.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl. May the spotlight always shine favorably on you.


janiners said...

how precious! the time DOES pass by so very fast as I am already in the process of learning. what a fun day it sounds like she had - cupcakes for breakfast and getting to do anything she wanted - I'd take it, too! :-) Happy Birthday, precious girl!

Kara said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl!

Heth said...

Oh she is so sweet. And that was perfectly sappy and sentimental, just the way I like birthday posts.

Happy Birthday Sister.

Kelli said...

Sap away Sister! We can take it :)

Happy, Happy Brithday Precious Baby Girl :)

~Telah said...

Hello. I just found your site today and just love it! What a sweet little girl you have. Happy Birthday to her! I have one daughter, she's the oldest and she is so much like me that it scares me. When I have to punish her it hurts me so much because I know exactly how she feels...she is so tenderhearted. Anyway, I plan to come back soon!

yerdoingitwrong said...

Happy Birthday sister. What a cutie pie!!

Mama of 2 said...

Happy Birtthday Sister!
Sounds like you enjoyed your day.

Okay supermom....I hear you. It's hard to know if we are giving our kids a good foundation to make in this world today but the fact that you are saying those things out loud certainly means you are - or at least trying.

EverydayMommy said...

She's absolutely beautiful.

Finelly said...

Cupcakes for breakfast? Aww, I love that. I feel a new tradition coming on here at the finelly household.
Happy Birthday Sister!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Sister!

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you were blessed and you enjoyed your day.

kansas crochet mom said...

what a great tradition! Happy Birthday to your little girl. :)

LiteratureLover said...

She is so perfectly princess-y! Happy Belated Birthday Sister-roo!!

heartsjoy said...

What an precious picture! She is darling! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day! Happy Belated birthday little princess.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I think most of us struggle with the spoiling thing! My daughter inherited ALL of my neurotic tendencies times 100! (Poor baby, she really did not stand a chance!) Of course, my husband loves to point this out when I am at my most frustrated with her! I enjoyed reading your blog!

kim199173 said...

Oh my gosh! Your blogger is so adorable! I especailly like the poem under the header! :)

Duckie said...

Happy birthday to your precious girl! She's very pretty. :)

*I found you from Kara's blog. :)*

IRENE said...

snDear SuperMom,
First, Happy (belated) Birthday to Sister. May her life be a Fairy Tale, just as her photo looks like.
I totally understand your feelings. My eldest's 12th birthday was a week ago, and I was so in awe, seeing a person so much like me, sometimes 10 times better than me, and yet a different, unique being, able of experiencing thoughts and feelings of her own and making decisions. Talk about the miravle of Life...
I too try to find a balance in their upbringing. I am more firm in matters of discipline, who they meet and for how long and how often, their homework, the programs they watch on TV or DVD.
However I am growing into believing (and that took me some time and lots of reading and thinking)that we should spoil them in love and cuddles and affection. If we don't spoil them in that respect, how are they going to ask for and expect love and affection when they grow up?
Here is to happy childhood, happy motherhood, and a happy life!

SeaBird said...

Hi SuperMom,

I found your site from Rocks in my Dryer. Love the clip art - I've already checked out Andy Nortnik's other stuff.

My boys celebrated their first birthday Saturday - they had/have GERD so I'm glad the first year is over, but the last couple months seem to have flown by.....seems that's the way it is from here on out.

We, too, are planning to homeschool so I'm sure I'll be back to your site...good for you for taking classes yourself as well!

Many happy return of the day to your daughter!