Sunday, December 03, 2006

Una Fiesta!

Yesterday my sweet, darling, teeny, tiny, little Baby turned two.

(Are you sensing some denial here?)

Two is still a baby, right? I mean, never mind how big she looks in the picture, she's still a baby. She's not really big, is she? Even though she's talking, putting on her own shoes and eating with a spoon instead of her hands, I can still call her a baby. She still wears a diaper...babies wear diapers, right?

It was a fun evening, even if we were celebrating her getting bigger. Hubby, who would normally be working, took the night off to be with us.

That alone is cause for celebration.

Brother, Sister and I colored Dora pictures and hung all over the kitchen. We hung balloons and streamers and baked her a Dora cake.

Hey, get a load of that cake.

We had fun, party-like finger foods for dinner and watched Baby go crazy in her little slice of heaven surrounded by Dora. Though she didn't fully understand what was going on, she was definitely enjoying being the center of attention.

Like she isn't anyway.

It was all very wonderful...even if she is two. Even if she is growing up on me. Even if she is my last baby who will break my heart and leave me one day.

But I'm okay.

And if that cake doesn't make me a shoe-in for Mother of the Year, then I give up.


The Human Napkin said...

Awww, happy birthday, Baby! My daughter got scared and cried on her second birthday when everyone sang to her. And when my youngest son turned two this summer, he asked that we "please no sing" to him. BUT, since no one in my family listens to me, they sang anyway and he buried his face in my shirt and put his hands over his ears until it was over. Party on!

Sarah said...

The cake is AWESOME.

And yes, she is still a baby. Totally. Cause she's in diapers. Or cause she's the youngest. Or whatever.

My baby will be turning 2 in 6 weeks. Waah!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Baby!!! What a cute cake!

dcrmom said...

Adorable cake! Happy birthday, Baby!

shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

That cake is SPECTACULAR!

Kelli said...

Of course she is still a baby!

That cake is amazing- goodness!

ANd I love love love those bows :)

Mom's Secret Life said...

She is just tooo precious! My two year old daughter informed me that she is no longer a baby. She's a toddler. Her twin brother just looks at me and says, "Buh!"

yerdoingitwrong said...

WHAT a cool cake. And she is incredibly darling!!! Sounds like a great celebration.

Everyday Mommy said...

They will always be your baby, even when they're 42. Great cake, Mom-o-the-Year.

Anonymous said...

What a cool cake. You rock mom! When my son was turning 5 I told him that I really didn't want him to and that I thought he should just stay 4. He said, but mom I can't, you've already made the cupcakes!

Heth said...

The bows! They're too much! I am about to pass out from the cuteness!

Happy birthday to your baby, no matter how old she is.

Grafted Branch said...

That is a great're quite the baker/decorator!

Valarie said...

great job on the cake! It looks much better than my attempt at a fun cake for a second birthday this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she's still a baby...are you kidding? Mine has 2 months to go and she'll then be my 2 year old BABY. :) Absolutely adorable, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Cute cake! And cute bows!

SuperMom said...

Okay, ladies, if you love the bows, you know where to get them, right?

Yes, that is a shameless plug :-)

Finelly said...

Hey, she's only 2! You still have lots of time!

Happy Birthday Baby!

LiteratureLover said...

Dear Mother-of-the-year,

Could you please pipe it down a notch so the rest of us, struggling-to-be-creative Mommies will have a chance? Thank you,

Mommy that wants you to show her how you made that incredible cake.

Diana said...

happy (belated) birthday baby!!!
The bows are too cute on your BABY. (And yes, I agree she will always be your baby...did you tear up on her birthday the way I did on my son's?

Awesome cake BTW!