Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cleaning Is Overrated

This would be the glass on my storm door. I cleaned this glass today. For the first time in at least 6 months. I cleaned the sticky mouth marks and crayon scribbles from it. It was spotless. Crystal clear. As you can see it is no longer that way.

Wonder what happened? I greased up some kids with sunscreen and they made up a fun new game.

It's called "Stick Your Greasy Gut To The Glass And See The Cool Smudge It Makes On The Shiny Door".

Fun, huh?

This is reason 536 why cleaning is a waste of time.


Ellen said...

That's what I keep telling myself. What is the point? I only get sticky fingerprints on my glass door. But a wet slobbery snout too!

Mommy, the Human Napkin said...

All the mirrors in my house look like that. My daughter thinks it's funny to smear her hands with antibacterial soap and make big gooey handprints. Of course, then, when I go to clean it off, it foams up on me! Grr...

That's not nearly as bad as the non-washable crayon on the walls, though.

Kyle said...

Who are those boys! What kind of parents would let boys do something like that! (It is amazing what kind of games boys can invent, right?)

I'm so proud.

heather said...

Dude! That is totally my favorite game ever!! Laura and I play that at the gym all the time in the locker room - but don't tell the fitness center staff, we like to see them squirm!!