Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Adventures in Homeschool

I have formally started Sister in Kindergarten. I thought this was a good idea. She is super smart and has been showing an interest in being at the table with Brother and I during school. When I presented the idea to her, she was completely gung-ho.

But the truth of the matter is that she is probably more enamored with the idea of it all. Kindergarten is a very romantic notion when you're five. Perhaps she only wants to be a Kindergartener in name only, because she doesn't really like the conformity. Literally, every instruction I gave her yesterday was met with a protest, saying she wanted to do it "her" way.

I have a great little art program that helps you teach your kids to draw. We start by practicing straight lines. On the page, you draw a straight line from one dot to the next. First horizontal, then vertical. She said she didn't want to do it that way. She wanted to do it her way. "But, Sister," I explained, "there is only one way to draw a straight line." Not so. Determined to prove me wrong, she made her straight lines wavy.

For President's Day, the kids and I read some stories about George Washington and Honest Abe, found a great website with funny film clips about Barney, President Bush's dog (www.whitehousekids.gov), and did some cutesy President's Day activities, like the one you see pictured below.

This is Brother's version of Abraham Lincoln's log cabin, complete with evergreen tree and Abe himself peering out the window.

This is Sister's. She said it was hit by a tornado.

Her creativity will either make her very successful one day, or she will refuse to conform and live out of a cardboard box in the alley just to spite me.


Kara said...

LOL, that is cute :D She sure does have a creative streak it seems like.

humpty said...

Kara took the words out of my mouth, "cute" and "creative."

Patty said...

Love it. But I'm thinking that box in the alley might be made out of popsicle sticks.

Sarah said...

That looks just like how my daughter would make it. I say "red" she says "blue."

It's lovely.

Anonymous said...

Ok, off topic from this post but when I saw these flowers I thought of you

it's the second and third picture down

(If you're tired of making bows.)

Deena said...

ooh, what challenges I see lying ahead...LOL

Coloring outside the lines: Good
Coloring off the page: not-so-good

Praying you two can find ways to channel the unique and creative qualities in that little one without you losing your mind!!

cjoy said...

Console yourself: genius. Just not an easy road to take, necessarily, for you especially. ;)

Finelly said...

I don't know how you do it.
Good luck with that.

soulreavers said...

that is awesome. I love Sister's version. Very non-comformist