Friday, August 24, 2007

Things I Read In The News This Week

Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number

It Explains So Much...

Oprah Saves The Day...Again

A Question Of Faith


Ann(ie) said...

Not sure what we'd do without Oprah! Go with your gut is my fave oprah-ism.

Lucy said...

Hi, I'd like to email you about something. It's not anything weird, just has nothing to do with this post. :) I can't find an email address.

I was wondering if you had any other pictures from when you did the medieval theme in your kids' room. My son wants a knights and castles theme and I'm having a hard time finding ideas that don't involve lots of money and way artisic talent than I have. I remembered that you had posted a picture of your castle border. Do you have any other pictures?

Feel free to delete this comment, since it has nothing to do with anything. :) my email is tessertime-at-usfamily-dot-net.


tonya said...

I have nominated you for a nice award! Come and see!