Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Call CDC. I'm ill.

I have Post Relaxing Vacation Disorder. I contracted it when we returned home from our trip to St. Louis. After a week of shopping, sleeping, sightseeing and leaving wet towels on the floor only to have them magically disappear, I am having trouble preparing my own meals and making my own bed.

My symptoms include lethargy, irritability, and some mild depression. All I want to do is lay on the couch, watch movies and eat ridiculously large quantities of chocolate.

If you know of anyone who has successfully recovered from PRVD, please let me know the cure.


the queen said...

Sadly, there is no cure. The only advice I can dispense is a second vacation, STAT!

Antique Mommy said...

Hair of the dog - more shopping. Or ridiculously large quantities of chocolate

Anonymous said...

When I came to your blog about two months ago you just had announced a blogging break and I thought that was such a pity - me just having found your blog and you finishing it.

But I read a few old posts, enjoyed them a lot and safed the link in my favorites to be back.
Now I am - and you are blogging again :-) ....

Loved your last long and thoughtful post!

I think only reasonable treat for PRVD is lay on the couch, watch movies and eat ridiculously large quantities of chocolate.

Blessings, Helen

Cathy said...

Start slow, only one task set before you a day to be completed. If you get more done, great! You have to blare the music while doing this task (preferably your theme song!). Can't help you with the chocolate part, that's my vice too. (Love your blog, been reading for about 6 months.)


Sarah said...

I know exactly how you feel.

I just jumped in. 15 minutes and a little yelling at a time. My friends were nice to me for a couple days and then I got over it.

thebarefootpoet said...

Captain Morgan and Coke. Mostly Captain Morgan, little bit of Coke...and large quantities of chocolate.

Diane said...

You've been exposed and you must rest until you feel better!

Returning from vacation is hard work. Clear your calendar, put the phone on silence....go to your room with your favorite book and ease your self back into reality!

Fighting this...only makes it worse! You don't want a relapse after all!

Hope your vacation was wonderful!


Wendy said...

Know what ya mean. After one vacation, I spent an entire week doing nothing but eating Ramen noodles and reading all of the Harry Potter books (that was up to the 4th one, I think). Kids had to fend for themselves (if they didn't want Ramen, that is). Hubby was out of town on business.

Just found your blog and I love it.

Trey said...

Some good, upbeat new music on an mp3 player can motivate you to do whatever boring task you need to perform.